Plan A Funeral


Choosing a funeral home and funeral director who treats every family with compassion and understanding may be the most important decision a family has to make. Hallett Funeral Home is a full-service funeral home offering funeral and cremation services. We have a competent, caring and compassionate staff available 24 hours a day to help in your time of need. Our staff are prepared to assist you with selecting the type of service which best meets your needs. The death of a loved one is very difficult and it is our foremost concern to make the time surrounding the death a little easier.

Why Have a Funeral?

Funerals serve an important purpose: they allow us to recognize a life that was lived and acknowledge that the life has come to an end. Funerals exist for the living; for survivors who suffer the loss of a loved one. We understand that every family is different. There is no single proper funeral service. It is a time for human sharing in its deepest sense. You and the ones you love are at the very center of the process, and the choices you make will determine it's significance for you. As you participate in planning the funeral service, you help create a meaningful experience for everyone.