Cremation Services

What is Cremation?

The word "cremation" to many people indicates a type of service, when in fact it only refers to the kind of final disposition. There are many choices with cremation as there are with an earth burial. Choosing burial or cremation is independent of the service or services you might choose to honor your loved one.

Memorial Options

Many families elect to have visiting hours, a funeral service in a church or the funeral home, followed by cremation. Others wish to have cremation take place first, followed by a memorial service or funeral Mass and sometimes the cremated remains are interred after the service. When private services are planned the funeral home may be requested to provide a limited service. Each family is different and each situation differs. Therefore, memorialization is arranged to meet the preferences and needs of the family we are caring for.

Here to Help

We will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding cremation, the regulations, requirements or restrictions.