Green Funeral Services

What is a Green Funeral & Natural Burial?

The concept of a green funeral or natural burial may be novel to the Cape Cod area; however, like most aspects of the green movement, we have discovered that getting and giving back to nature means making conscientious choices to reduce abundance and preserve our habitat. People who lead an eco-friendly lifestyle can leave this world in the same fashion that they have lived in it. We are proud to provide the families we serve with the option to honor their loved ones wish to live a natural, earth-conscious lifestyle.

Basic Principals

  • Services may be performed at our outdoor natural chapel which is surrounded by lush trees and large rhododendron bushes
  • Biodegradable caskets and urns are available and provide a finality of "earth to earth and dust to dust".
  • We discuss with families the option to bury in natural cemeteries where nature preservation is upheld by the Green Burial Council
  • Natural stone markers or GPS devices may be selected in lieu of manufactured headstones
  • Burial sites may be hand-dug without the use of heavy equipment
  • Register books and memorial cards may be printed on biodegradable paper

Personalizing Services

Each life lived is unique and there are varying shades of green that may be chosen. The choice to go organic does not have to be an all or nothing objective. For instance, families who already own a burial plot can opt to forego embalming. Or, the steadfast environmentalist may prefer earth-friendly products in a natural burial ground. Almost every aspect of a natural funeral and burial process is customizable.