How to Write a Eulogy

What is a Eulogy?

Writing and delivering a eulogy is a wonderful way to share with family and friends the life of a loved one. It is also a therapeutic tool to help you deal with your grief. However, it can be a challenge to both write and deliver a eulogy.

What should a Eulogy talk about?

The most touching and meaningful eulogies are written from a subjective point of view and from the heart. They tell a story, but may not tell the entire life story of your loved one

The burden of writing a eulogy does not have to be completely yours. Enlist the help of friends, family, and relatives to help with recollections and stories.

Honesty is important. In most cases there are a lot of positive qualities to talk about. However, once in a while, there is someone with some negative traits. Just remember, you don't have to say everything.

Your audience will welcome your words

Remember that everyone in attendance knew your loved one and will welcome your words. You do not have to write a perfect eulogy. Whatever you write and deliver will be appreciated and remembered by those present.

Delivering the Eulogy

  • Realize that your audience will be supportive. Often delivering a eulogy is an emotional experience for both you and the audience. If you break down in the middle of your speech, everyone will understand.
  • Print or write the eulogy in large letters so it is easy to read.
  • Before you deliver the eulogy get a small cup of water. Sipping water before and during your speech will help to relax you.
  • Recognize it is acceptable to read the eulogy aloud. You don't have to make eye contact with anyone.
  • Take your time. The podium is yours and all anyone expects is for you to do the best you can.